Schönen guten Tag, we are German engineering 4.0

We share the same passion for technology, innovation, culture and progress. And we all live in the small but beautiful town of Bad Pyrmont — still famous for its palm trees.

Holger, aspiring CEO of the company, developer and initiator of the idea, allround nerd and geek. Experience and training in automation technologies, programmable logic controllers, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, logistics and process technologies, inflict techniques, plastic injection molded and repair machinery (mechatronics). Commercial training at SAP. Enthusiastic about technology since early youth.

Sascha, aspiring CTO of the company. Installer training and training as a machine builder in Lemgo this year completed. (Focus: fluid mechanics and computer-based calculations.) Employed in an internationally operating industrial company. Focus on heat production, project management. Obsession: cars and everything that moves quickly.

Christian, aspiring COO of the company. Training as an electrical engineer and training in solar electronics (power electronics). He is currently working as a freelancer. Interests: Engine tuning (Auto), PC and electronics.

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