Table of Specs

Weight 4.9 kg empty weight
Payload 5.0 kg peak load, 3.0 kg nominal load
Speed 100 km/h (62 miles) maximum speed
Range 55 km (34 miles) maximum range
Fuel 1.5 liter (0.4 gal) fuel tank, 25:1 gas/oil ratio with acoustic signal “full tank”
Engines 6,4kW/8.6 hp maximum power peak. 4x 1.6kW: 1.0kW combustion engines + 600 W BLDC engines
10ccm combustion engine (two stroke with ignition), 12000 Rpm
self controlled successive engine start with running control for the combustion engines
4s 1250 mA/h Lippo-Battery for starting the combustion engine. Recharging not necessary.
Propeller Airscrew 13″ x 8″ three-blade for ducted fan construction. Aerodynamic and noise optimized.
GPS Next-generation GPS chip for highest accuracy and quick readiness for use.
Lights Programmable LED Position-Light front/back in different colors.
Legs Swing-up feet for better sight and more speed, manual or automatic operation.
WIFI Integrated WLAN with 100m range for connection with Tablet or Smartphone.
Connections Underbody 3x servoslots for 3-achs gimbal
1x extra servoslot for different applications. Different profiles are selectable.
Power output from 4s battery. Short-circuit-proof. 14,8 V ± 4V
Stretchgoal: Opensource I/O Interface Underbody The extra servoslot is free programmable with the open source interface for the I/O coding within the app.
3x In and 3x Out free configurable within the opensource interface for the I/O coding within the app:
Out: digimode 3,3V/5V, analog mode 0-12V 1000mA or Switch
In: digimode 3,3V/5V, analog mode 0-40V or 0-10kOhm
1x I²C-bus controllable with the open source interface I/O coding within the app
Stretchgoal: Long Distance Wing Measurements: Width 1,50m, two-section and pluggable, Weight 370 grams.
In different work angle mountable (0-45°)
Up to 30% greater range for long-distance flights

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