Yeair! is the next generation quadcopter solution.

More airtime, more payload, more speed, more style — more yeair!

yeair! is the first quadrocopter in history that takes the challenge of carrying combustion engines that can be controlled with the accuracy of a normal engine. The result is:


Combustion engines solve all the problems todays quadrocopters have. yeair! combines the reliability of electric engines with the power of a combustion engine to have the best of both worlds.

60 Minutes max Air time

The combustion engine bears the main load and is powered by fuel which has ultimate power density in contrast to conventional batteries. Unfortunately, combustion engines are not very dynamic. We have developed an elaborated system with an electrically powered alternate/hub shaft. This shaft is directly coupled to the combustor to relate accelerations and delay values, effectively empowering the quadcopter to fly as stable as e-flight-only, giving it more power for a longer period of time.


up to 5kg payload

The hub shaft is able to start the combustion engine, so an extra starting device is not necessary. Simply fuel up and you are ready to take off. The small on board battery starts the engine. While in flight, it buffers the energy resulting from slowing down the engine and puts it on disposal again, should acceleration be needed. So you end up with almost full battery which is handy if you want to refuel an start again.


up to 100km/h top speed

By skillfully  automanaging of the driving units, malfunctioning of combustion engines or a controlling unit is swiftly compensated for, depending on the number of affected units.  In any case a safe landing is guaranteed in contrast to conventional quadcopters with e-engines only. There, a malfunction will end up in a guaranteed crash. Our model has virtually built-in octocopter safety inside the quadcopter. Remark: Our combustion engines are off-the-shelf and run on conventional motorbike/scooter fuel.


Safety² thru dual engines

You do not need perfect weather anymore. Due to its stability and power systems, it is now possible to fly even with strong winds — without taking unnecessary risk. Lower risk of failure by dual motor system.


Ready for mass production

Yeair! is designed for mass production. It is more than a prototype. Once the campaign is successful — we can start the machines. All considerations for mass production are made. The handwork is done. So we can make sure that everyone receives best quality — on time.


Please help us to get Yeair! off the ground — through your support on kickstarter.