Featuring the power to empower your goals and ideas.

yeair!’s powerful and smart engineering enables new drone use cases, And yeair! is open for your ideas, too.

Video and Analytics

yeair! constantly tracks your current speed and travelled distance. Use the app to compare data and video material to gain completely new insights from e.g. your sports session. Usually, only professional athletes have access to such a video/data combined analysis.


Autonomous flight option

You’ll be able to set waypoints and create a flight plan for the quadcopter to guarantee a completely autonomous flight. Remember: up to 60 minutes and a range of 55 kilometers!


Built for industrial usage

yeair! is ready for industrial use and can help your business fly high.

Delivery Services
Usual drones help you to get things from A to B. With the endurance of yeair! expect getting stuff from A to Z.
Motion Picture Production
Film more scenes and landscapes at a stretch film, shoot with heavier, more professional cameras, and film fast moving objects, too.
Observe and record animals longer, without disturbing them.

Innovate with us

Invent new ideas for yeair! with our open source approach. With reaching our first stretchgoal on kickstarter, an extra servoslot will be free programmable for the I/O coding within the app.

Please visit our kickstarter-page for more information and Q&A. Thank you!